VOICES: By Venndorly

Voices: Lior Locher (Christine Locher Ltd)

September 1, 2021

Today we have Lior Locher of Christine Locher Ltd. Coaching and Change discussing:


  • How Lior first developed an interest in coaching
  • Working with start-ups and why entrepreneurs are so attracted to coaching
  • How a Government enforced writing retreat (UK COVID lockdown) helped to finish the new book


All this including some top tips from Lior on how to pick the right coach.


If you want an open, honest and impartial approach to helping you select a partner for your HR, Learning and Talent needs then head over to Venndorly.com


Also, don’t miss Lior at TEDx Doncaster in October

To get a copy of Lior's latest book The DIY Phoenix click here


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